Bra Slider & Hook Part Family

Bra Slider & Hook Part Family

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This product is a family of parts for a IZANA Bra product line.

This is a variation listing where you can order each part separately. Please pay attention to the SKU and notes below on what it represents.

IZHOOK: Includes just one hook each. Dimensions: 0.5”ix 1”x.0.1” (inches)  

IZSLIDER: Includes one slider each. Dimensions: 0.5”ix 1”x.0.1” (inches)  

Material Selections (Email us after purchase with the material selection for the order.):
- Black PP Glass Filled
- Natural PP
- White PP

This quote includes all future mold design and build costs amortized over the life of the parts.

NOTE: Quantity orders of 50,000 or higher have a lead time of 3 months on the first order and 2-4 weeks there after. Lead time on all other quantities is 2-4 weeks depending on the quantity.

This part does not include shipping.  Shipping is the responsibility of the customer or we can custom quote/invoice it before shipping.

NOTE: Large quantity pricing is an estimate and may change based on changes in material and labor costs and future mold cycle times.