Business Card Ring Sizer (800 Cards)
Business Card Ring Sizer (800 Cards)
Business Card Ring Sizer (800 Cards)
Business Card Ring Sizer (800 Cards)
Business Card Ring Sizer (800 Cards)
Business Card Ring Sizer (800 Cards)
Business Card Ring Sizer (800 Cards)

Business Card Ring Sizer (800 Cards)

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Thank you for your interest in the only Business Card Ring Sizer on the market!  Its original and affordable advertisement.  This is a business card that interacts with your customers.  Besides being fun and useful, your customers will gather important information to conclude in your stores biggest profit area, Engagement Rings.

Just one ring sale (due to these cards) will pay several times for your printing of the cards!

Card Description:

  • Actual stone sizes
  • Different shape stone options
  • Better estimate of ring size
  • Metal color selection
  • Guide for engagement
  • Fits in pocket
  • Customized for your jewelry business


What does this include:

You will get 800 cards customized with your logo, background color, and information. All orders will proceed once artwork is approved. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the process after I order a customized card?

Once you have summitted your order we will have you fill out the Business Card Form.

It will ask you for all your store information, including your store logo, slogan, and what color you would like the card to be.


How long after I place my order will I receive my purchase?
Our goal is to get your cards done in a within 3 weeks.  Once we have your approval on the artwork for your card we will have them printed.  Then we proceed to die cut all the business cards to the correct ring sizes by hand.  Once this is done your shipment will be on its way!


How do you make my business cards?
Each card is hand cut to provide the ring sizer holes and then folded.  We chose to do full sizes to get as many sizes into the card as possible keeping the cards strong and to provide the customer with a close calculation of their finger size. 


Why would I invest in these business cards?
We designed this card thinking of our own business and how to promote more sales in our best and most profitable area, Engagement & Wedding Bands.  We created this card for customers to get excited about buying an engagement ring.  A card they could immediately put on their fingers, look at different shape diamonds, and hold up to their engagement finger different sizes of stones (up to a 6ct stone!).  The different style rings on the card gives the customer ideas and helps them look at different color metals also.  This card is intended to be fun, a novelty, a conversation card.  The customers love this card and want it in their wallet. 


Business Card Ring Sizer



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