Injection Molding

Dorfmueller Enterprises specializes in full spectrum volume injection molded manufacturing. We developed this capability for our line of products which are diverse and have volumes that vary from hundreds to millions. We have the capability of developing low, medium, and high volume molds in house. Our philosophy is "crawl, walk, run".  We can handle your needs from initial product introduction, product growth, and finally high volume production.

Capabilities Include:

3 x Manual Injection Molders

Max Shot Capacity-------------------- 2oz
Min Power------------------------------10A @ 120V
Max Temperature----------------------600F
Min Air Flow----------------------------4.5cfm
Max Mold Size-------------------------8x10x4.5in
Max Clamping Force------------------12tons
Max Pressure---------------------------13,500psi @ 90psi air
Machine Dimensions------------------16x22x50in
Machine Weight------------------------170 lb
Manufacturing Capability--------------1-100,000 parts per month
Origin of Manufacture------------------United States of America

Dorfmueller Enterprises - Manual Injection Molder

Dorfmueller Enterprises - Injection Molding

High Volume Injection Molder


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